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The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) of Wilmington (Ohio) is a not-for-profit community development organization that facilitates industrial and commercial investment to promote economic development and job creation. The CIC is a partner to businesses, educational institutions, local government, and the Wilmington, Ohio community, working to insure the progress and development of Clinton County.

In its early years, the CIC was central to ushering in a new era of economic growth and prosperity in Clinton County following the closure of the Clinton County Air Force Base in 1972. With financing from the Clinton County National Bank and First National Bank, the CIC purchased 832 acres from the U.S. Government and set in motion the development of what is today the world class Wilmington Air Park.


Following its initial land purchase, the CIC has taken a strategic roll in supporting  industrial growth by working to sell its assets to companies dedicated to job creation and long term investment in the community.


In 1973, the CIC made its first sale of land to El Bourgraff of Ferno-Washington. At the time, Ferno-Washington was an emerging company in the EMT equipment sector. Today, Ferno sets the worldwide standard for EMT bed technology, with its global headquarters located on the same piece of land purchased from the CIC in 1973.


Following its initial sale to Ferno-Washington, the CIC sold a piece of land to Midwest Air Charter. Two years later the company was acquired by Airborne Express, and in partnership with the CIC, Airborne Express transformed the abandoned Clinton County Air Force Base into a world class airport facility which continues to serve as the headquarters for Air Transport Service Group (formerly Airborne Express).

The CIC's early efforts to facilitate commercial and industrial development continue to pay huge dividends, and the CIC continues to use it resources to promote business and economic growth. In recent years, the CIC has targeted development along the Davids Drive corridor. The Davids Drive corridor began as a project to connect Fife Ave. to State Route 134. The first leg of the extension was funded entirely by the CIC, and was later extended by the City of Wilmington after receiving a land donation from the CIC. This corridor  is now home to businesses employing hundreds of local residents, including a large Alkermes pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, and the headquarters of EMSAR, a national leader in medical equipment services.


While the core of the CIC's mission is to support the economic growth of the community, the CIC also takes an active role in promoting the social vitality, quality of life, and environmental health of the community. The CIC made significant contribution to support the growth of educational opportunities in the community through cash and land gifts to Laurel Oaks Vocational Center, Southern State Community College, and Wilmington College. The CIC has also donated land for the establishment of a nature preserve and to construct a new home for the Wilmington Humane Society. The CIC has donated more than $2,000,000 in land and cash to local groups and organizations.

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